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                                          Scorpius 'Hyperion' Malfoy

            ‘Im not who you think I am and I’m not going to be who you want me to be.’

• indie scorpius hyperion malfoy
• revamp of previous scorpius blog
• multi-ship but chemistry needed
• writer of script/paragraphs/novellas
• about 5 years roleplaying experience, 3 years on tumblr.
• primarily set hogwarts era with the occasional potioneer scorpius.
• most definitely a user of icons
• skype available

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"Al…" Teddy sighed. James would always be his best friend, and his reason for being born. Teddy knew his meaning was to be a big brother. James being the reason he knew that. "I wish you didnt hate your own brother so much… You share the same DNA, and you like me more than you like him. And we arent even related…"


"Though I suspect you only like me because I call you cute…."

"I don’t hate him, Teddy. I just hate everything he stands for and all of his adoring fans. And being around him when I don’t have to be.” He echoed the other’s sigh, chewing on the inside of his cheek. “…I like you because you’re everything he’s not. I’m not always being compared to you and falling short every time. You actually care about me more than stupid things like quidditch–… Don’t you?”

"That’s irrelevant."

veridien ;  



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                                             ”Just what did we do last night?”

"Why assume that we did something? I didn’t touch you, that’s for one– So don’t go down that road."

scorofthemanor ;  

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"Scorpius? He’s.. my best friend. I can’t imagine who or where I’d be without him."

                 Albus had always had a rather close relationship to Scorpius. Though it may have come as a surprise to any who knew the two separately, once they became friends, they were almost inseparable. The serious, steadfast blonde had immediately intrigued Albus the moment he’d stopped wallowing in his own pity for being sorted a Slytherin, and he knew all too well that it was their friendship that had been the catalyst that made finding himself possible. Scorpius never liked Albus because of his family, and that was among one of the many reasons that Albus considered Scorpius to be a part of his true family. He’d jump in front of an unforgivable for the other, a fact which had been loudly and drunkenly professed to anyone who’d listen more than once. In conclusion, Albus planned on haunting Scorpius as soon as he died– a gesture that probably made more sense to Albus, in retrospect.

scorpius-the-malfoy ;  
"Potter! Why are you just laying there like a potato sack? We have work to do!"

”..I’m going to forgive you for comparing me to something that holds potatoes only because we’re friends.”

"What work?”


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rose--w ;  
"Is that blood behind your ear?"

"What? No."
    His eyes widened and he self-consciously 
 brushed his dark locks back over his ear.
"You always ask the weirdest questions, Red."

mrdahmer ;  
"Then go kill the bitch."

"I can’t. Don’t you understand?! I can’t!”