[[Heading off to bed, now~
See you all tomorrow/later today.]]

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     ”Whoa whoa whoa— are you seriously trying to tell me when to go to bed? Are you okay? You know it’s like ten in the morning… right?”

"Yeah, sure, ten in the morning.
    How long have you been up?
Merlin, you look half dead.”

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"Hello there…I’m Brinna."

"Are you lost?"

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"Do you need anything, Potter? I've got healing books to read."

Potter? Why so icy, Malfoy? Winter’s been over for a good few weeks, now.”

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"Oh, my dear sweet Wesley!"


"Me, Wesley? Inconceiveable!”

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Avis was not pleased. “Don’t you know by saying that you are just asking for us to get into all sorts of trouble?!”

Trouble. Something Albus was all-too familiar with. Seeing as he’d grown up with the self-proclaimed prank king himself, he thought to himself that he could handle any sort of trouble the blonde was referring to. “Trouble? I think you’re overreacting.”

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+ [ veridien ]


"Aw, shame, I think it’d suit ya’," she giggled, brushing her hair behind her ear. "Nice to meet you still."

"Nice to meet you, too- I’m Albus." A grin settled over his face- an expression that had become less common, over the years.

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