royal fames carve a path in chaos


  Albus laughed, shrugging off the
  sheer impossibility of the very
  suggestion.”I don’t want to dance.
  Let’s do something interesting––
 Dare, maybe..”


like imagine there being a Yule ball and they go together as bros and getting drunk to the point where they end up fooling around in alcoves in hallway or RoR but laugh it off because they are just bros. oR them skipping a slytherin house party to go off and do their own things because huh, no one understands their sense of humour and stuff they talk about because they r crazy tbh.



The young Slytherin buried his hands
in thick, sable hair as he sunk to the
ground, sitting against the wall and
looking for all the world like a soul
given up on life itself.
            “Go away.”
He mumbled to the figure he heard
approaching, without lifting his head.
"Go away, and leave me alone to die.”

[[Guys, just so you know–
I’m not dead, I’ve just gotten a little carried away with my Gilderoy blog.
I’ll be back to work on drafts soon, though!]]

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“It’s 4 in the morning, is everything ok?”
“I think the house is spinning.”
“So, we’ll try again and eventually we’ll get it right.”
“Not a very exact science, is it?”
“I’m trying to tell you I love you.”
“I can be perfect for you.”
“I miss the pain.”
“Nothing’s real.”
“He’s been dead 16 years.”
“This is fucked.”
“Can you tell me what it is you’re afraid of?”
“Can I touch you?”
“I am the one who won’t walk away.”
“I wish I could fly, I’d fly far away from here.”
“I love you as much as I can.”
“I’m your worst fear, you’ll find it in me.”
“I need you to need me.”
“It’s not going to get better, is it?”
“Are you nervous?”
“What’s your story?”
“Did you see my parents out there?”
“How could she leave me on my own?”
“Why didn’t you take me with you?”
“You’re kidding, right? That’s bullshit.”
“What makes you think I’d lose my mind for you?”
“I can’t get through this alone.”
“Am I feeling what I think I’m feeling?”
“I’m good as gone.”
“You don’t remember any of this?”
“I thought you might call.”
“Don’t say that we’re over.”
“I couldn’t give a flying fuck what’s normal.”
“Your life has kind of sucked, I think.”
“Won’t anything be better than before?”
“There’s something missing.”
“Let me know you again.”
“Why do I get denied?”
“Where’d you get that?”
“How could I ever forget?”
“Why would you want to remember the things that hurt you?”
“Please, tell me his name.”
“Why stay?”
“Something next to normal would be okay.”
“You look like a star.”
“Can you leave it behind?”
“I might end up crazy.”
“So anyway I’m leaving.”
“It’s time for me to go.”
“I am the one who saved you.”
“I know you know who I am.”
“We need some light.”
“It’s the price we pay to feel.”

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                                              ❝  I would be much obliged 
                                                   should you put that down.  ❞


        “I was only looking, I promise.”


Scorpius could have commented on what Albus had said previously, but he knew better than than and just shrugged the idea off to the side. He’s sure that if it were anything important, he wouldn’t have uttered the words whilst whirling around on the spot to come to face with him. Even so, Scorpius couldn’t make sense of what he was trying to say if he had commented on it. Primping? No one used that word anymore, well other than his best friend.

                     ”So that’s who has been stealing my boxer briefs.”

He exclaimed, but little did Albus know, Scorpius already knew about Peterson and really he just embraced the idea that someone was that into him that they felt the need to sniff his underwear. He had no qualms with what habits other people had, even if they were … disgusting ones. Rolling his grey hues, he maneuvered himself to lay down on his back with arms sitting comfortably behind his head.

                     ”At first, I was blaming you for the missing
                     clothing but then, you’d only need to ask
                     if you wanted them. You know, to stick them
                     in your little best friend book you have of

Despite the teasing and the taunts that came naturally out of the blonde slytherin, he hoped that his friend didn’t believe too strongly in them because half of the time, he didn’t mean what he said. Albus meant more to him than just some jokes. And this was why over the summer, there seemed to be a part of him missing. He would make some sort of snide comment around his parents and would always look to the side to receive a smirk in response from his friend but he would only be disappointed when he would only find nothing. It hurt having to spend time on his own or with his parents, and his father restricting him from even sending owls to the one person he could only ever speak truthfully with; not even his parents.


Your clothing? The only thing I’d possibly steal is that one jacket you have. The rest is all too.. Scorpius.”

He laughed and rolled onto his back, staring up at the dark canopy that reminded him of countless nights spent sleepless or wracked with nightmares. Still, for some reason, he never slept as well at home as he did in the dorms.

“––Besides, my best friend book is supposed to be full of my best friend. No room for you, mate.”

Albus turned his head to glance at the other’s reaction as he laughed, knowing the joke would go one of two ways; the blonde beside him would laugh along and shoot another remark at him, or he’d take it to heart. Honestly, Albus didn’t know how anyone could ever believe, even for a second, that Scorp wasn’t his best friend– they were practically joined at the hip, for Merlin’s sake. Even though the boys both had their own groups of friends, it was easier to admit that he’d drop each and every one of his friends in second for the other than to worry about whether the other would do the same, or not. It didn’t matter, either way.

He was just glad to see him again. After a summer spent holed up in his room –because really, there’s only so much hero worship he could stand before being sorely tempted to push his own brother down the stairs like had been done to himself, so long ago– seeing the other was a relief.